About Us

MAINDOCK was founded in 2003 when Ross Gibby, a dot-com era web developer turned ThomasNet ad sales consultant, learned that no advertising directory would be able to compete with the power, reach and flexibility of Google Adwords.  While most of his Thomas clients weren’t interested in expanding their presence in the Thomas Directory, they all needed help building, managing, and optimizing their Adwords accounts.  A business was born.

Since then, MAINDOCK has managed campaigns selling everything from socks to CNC Machinery, but the primary focus has always been on marketing for industrial manufacturers and distributors.  From 2008 to 2012, MAINDOCK was a white label sub-contractor for RealSearch, Inc., providing services for the industrial vertical.   We have optimized over 1000 Adwords, BingAds, LinkedIn, Facebook & AdRoll campaigns for more than 250 client accounts.

Obviously, the digital marketing landscape has changed quite a bit since 2003 and MAINDOCK takes pride in having evolved with the industry.  Our mission is simple:  to grow your business over the long term by remaining agile and flexible enough to leverage the newest and most effective traffic sources. We stay aware of and engaged with the latest advancements in marketing technology and make recommendations based on our longstanding knowledge of the manufacturing industry and the needs of your business.

For this reason, MAINDOCK has evolved beyond Search Marketing services.  While Search is still the primary foundation of our success, PPC traffic and lead generation are only the first step in building a reliable and cost effective sales pipeline.  Lots of clicks to your site are no longer an accurate measurement of success.  Lots of “conversions” aren’t even the best metric for success.  Our goal is to help you go beyond clicks and conversions and start to look at lead quality, at sales opportunities, and at revenue.  We want to support you through the whole sales pipeline.

Over the years, we’ve learned that manufacturers are primarily focused on one thing: manufacturing great products.  Consequently (and rightly so), marketing and sales will always take a back seat to R&D and production.   Don’t worry, we don’t take it personally.  In fact, we believe this is the best model.  Why would you hire a huge sales staff or several full-time marketing specialists when you can supplement your sales and marketing needs with a team that can leverage extensive, up-to-date experience in the industry?  It just makes sense.

MAINDOCK has been providing marketing and sales support services to the industrial manufacturing community for the last 13 years.  Contact us today to find out how we can help your company grow.