Lead Generation & Pay-Per-Click Optimization

We generate more leads from your web site by managing and optimizing your paid search traffic (Adwords, BingAds, LinkedIn, etc.) and adjusting your site content to produce maximum response rates.  Read More…

Lead Qualification & Customer Relationship Management

We qualify, score, and filter your leads through our built-in Customer Relationship Management system.  You gain partner access to our system or we pass actionable leads straight through to your CRM (Salesforce, Sugar, etc.)  Read More…

Lead Nurturing & Account Based Marketing

Many leads need to be developed before your prospects say, “I’m interested”.  With our marketing automation system, we nurture your current leads through the pipeline or pursue your list of target accounts.  Read More…

Sales Development

We engage with your prospects by phone to introduce your services, identify solid opportunities, and set appointments for your manufacturers reps.  Your reps spend their time selling rather than prospecting.  Read More…

Lead Generation & Pay-Per-Click Optimization

We generate more high quality leads from your web site by managing and optimizing your paid search traffic (Adwords, BingAds, LinkedIn, etc.) and adjusting your site content to produce maximum response rates from your best prospects.

Google and Bing are making it more and more difficult to generate high quality organic (i.e. free) traffic to your web site.  Even if you’re able to identify the keywords that generate the most traffic and the most revenue, it could be years before you’re able to build your SEO to compete for those keywords.  It could be… well, never.

For this reason, MAINDOCK has built its foundation on optimizing and maximizing results from Paid Search Advertising — also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Paid Search Advertising allows for on-demand traffic generation with pinpoint accuracy and maximum track-ability.  In other words, we can find out what’s working and what’s not; and we can make immediate and cost effective adjustments.

But we’re well aware that it’s easier said than done. If you’re like most, you’ve experienced high monthly spend with no real way of knowing whether you’re generating the most important result: revenue.

That’s why MAINDOCK focuses on the FULL sales pipeline – from the first search to the paid invoice.   You can no longer afford to focus on simply maximizing clicks to your site. You need to focus on driving the type of traffic that drives revenue.

By integrating Lead Qualification and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with your Paid Search campaigns, we establish a feedback loop that connects customers back to keywords. We’re able to identify what keywords have value, and what keywords are just along for the ride.

Using this approach, MAINDOCK has optimized over 1000 Adwords, BingAds, LinkedIn, Facebook & AdRoll campaigns for more than 250 Client Accounts.


Lead Qualification & Customer Relationship Management

How many times have you heard a sales rep say, “these leads stink”? (or some other more graphic description of dissatisfaction). Let’s face it, not every lead is perfect, and regardless of how fine-tuned your marketing campaigns are, leads need to go through some form of qualification process.

The problem is that process is time-consuming and the responsibility usually falls on sales reps or sales managers – the people who should be focused on selling, not on tracking down partial information or calling dead-end phone numbers.

Our Lead Qualification service provides two benefits: it frees up your reps or sales managers to do what they were hired to do – sell. It also allows MAINDOCK to collect data and knowledge about your leads that is crucial to optimization of your marketing campaigns.

For example, if your campaigns generate 100 leads, but you get some vague feedback from your sales reps that “half the leads are junk”, it doesn’t help anyone fix the problem.   But if MAINDOCK is managing the marketing campaigns that generate the leads AND we are qualifying those same leads, we learn what keywords are producing junk and what keywords are producing quality. We can adjust to the results and focus your budget on higher quality leads.

By importing your lead data directly from a form on your web site into a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), MAINDOCK qualifies, filters, categorizes, and scores the leads based on your criteria. You gain partner access to our system or we pass actionable leads straight through to your CRM (Salesforce, SugarCRM, etc.)

Your sales reps receive qualified leads via email or by accessing the CRM.  And as they shepherd those leads through the sales pipeline, your reps continue to utilize the CRM to keep track of contacts, notes, tasks, lead status and more.

Again, this serves two purposes: 1) it allows your sales reps to stay organized and manage their leads, opportunities and customers. 2) It provides valuable feedback to the MAINDOCK marketing team to let us know which leads result in high quality opportunities.

Lead Nurturing & Account Based Marketing

MAINDOCK is well aware that establishing trust and credibility with your prospective customer base is a crucial first step toward getting them to pick up the phone or request a quotation. That’s why many of our clients offer downloadable spec sheets, whitepapers or educational webinars.

And while those who access your content by submitting their name and email are certainly legitimate leads, they may not be quite ready to be hearing from your sales reps. For this reason, MAINDOCK offers lead nurturing services to convert your initial marketing leads into sales qualified leads.

Through our marketing automation software, we stay in contact with your prospects in order to build brand awareness and credibility. We work with you to develop the right content and the right strategy to build relationships with your prospects through email, retargeting, and social platforms.

No one likes to be bombarded by pushy sales reps. But if you tactfully maintain a brand presence so you are in fresh in their mind when your prospects are ready to engage, your sales reps will be taking calls rather than making calls.

This same approach can be applied to a list of highly desirable target accounts, which is called Account Based Marketing (ABM). The process of choosing your targets first, rather than having them choose you (through search), has been gaining momentum because it allows you to control WHO you target and it allows you to spend your time and resources on high value targets.

The primary difference between lead nurturing and ABM is that the content and messaging from your brand is more personalized to each individual target account. For example, while lead nurturing may include an email about the safety benefits of using pressure sensors in product testing, an ABM email to Siemens may demonstrate how Siemens can save $2M annually by using pressure sensors in product testing.

The process is the same, but the frequency and the message is customized for each account.

Sales Development

Ok, MAINDOCK has filtered out all the junk and passes you a list of leads with clean contact information.   So what’s next? Do your sales reps pick up the phone and start calling the leads or would you rather have them making sales visits and closing deals? Remember, these are leads we’re talking about, they’re not opportunities yet. If you don’t have the resources to be following up on every lead, our team provides supplemental Sales Development services.

Sales development, in its purest form, isn’t about selling. It’s a specialized process that is only about qualifying opportunities and setting appointments.

Sales development addresses the most important question for sales organizations today – How do I get the right people in front of my “closers” at the lowest possible cost?

Working with your sales manager, we develop the right introduction for your company and identify key qualification criteria. We essentially create a “script” for our Sales Development Reps (SDRs) to follow in order to identify quality opportunities and set appointments for your reps.

We are here to supplement your needs and will work to customize the right solution to support your internal resources.

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